A Bridge to a Civilian Career

eBay’s Honor Role Apprenticeship Program provides training and mentorship for U.S. service members who are transitioning into the civilian workforce. Developed in partnership with the U.S. DoD SkillBridge initiative, apprentices can spend up to six months at eBay and gain the experience to shape the next chapter in their career.

About the Program

Our Honor Role program is available throughout our eBay U.S. offices, with apprenticeship opportunities spanning all of our business units.

We design each participant’s apprenticeship around their goals and with their business unit in mind. Ultimately, our program’s goal is to help foster connections for participants and to help them build a community network while they’re at eBay.

Program Benefits

  • In-person, hybrid and remote options
  • Up to 180 days of real-world industry experience
  • Guaranteed career opportunities
  • Interview, resume and career vectoring
  • Professional networking
  • Dedicated support team that has your success as their goal

Communities of Inclusion: Honor

Honor’s mission is to use recruitment, training and mentorship to create an opportunity for veterans and service members from across the world.

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Our Veteran Ambassadors

Still have questions? Connect with these knowledgeable ambassadors to learn more about their experiences and how you can join the program.

Matt Drazba

Chief of Staff for Engineering Ecosystem and Experience
“eBay is a great match for veterans, and veterans are a great match for eBay. This partnership is a win for all involved.”

Ana Mohrman

FP&A Financial Analyst
“I am proud to work at eBay! We are connecting people and communities all while creating amazing new possibilities for veterans.”

Ryan Williams

Program Manager
“When I decided to retire I knew that I wanted to find a new community not just a job. That’s exactly what I found here at eBay.”

Veterans bring incredible experience and diverse perspectives to large corporations, and eBay’s Honor Role Apprenticeship Program is a way to tap into this amazing talent pool. The veteran community stands for integrity, service and teamwork — and they also understand complex large-scale problems and the value of flawless execution.