We exist to connect people and build communities to create economic opportunity for all. Our culture is how we bring that purpose to life, which we express through a set of five beliefs that we call our DNA.

Empower Our Community

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do so that we can create trusted experiences. This credibility helps turn sellers into partners and customers into enthusiasts.

Innovate Boldly

We invite everyone to think big and follow their curiosity. Instead of following, lead with courage. And whether you succeed or fail, always learn.

Be for Everyone

Inspire, empower and grow richly diverse teams and communities. Build an equitable marketplace for buyers and sellers everywhere. Create an inclusive team everyone would want to join.

Deliver With Impact

Commit to debating to find the best solutions and delivering results. Act with urgency to break silos. And own the results.

Act With Integrity

We believe people are basically good. We value the thought or idea, and the person and talent behind that. Be honest and ethical, especially when it’s hard.

What eBayers Are Saying

If the team trusts each other and are aligned on the vision and goals, then once the team decides on a particular point, they will commit and own the decision — even if they entered the room with a different opinion to begin with.


Keeping customers at the center of our thinking is really important. It enables us to create experiences that customers enjoy using, and that’s key to building trusted lifelong buyer relationships — and helping our sellers grow their business.


We are serving millions of customers around the world that are extremely diverse, and the better we as employees represent them the better we can serve them — and that creates an even more successful eBay.


As employees, we've got to wear the shoes our customers are walking in.


It is asking the hard questions and challenging the way we currently do things all in service of unlocking more value — for our colleagues and how we work but ultimately in service of our sellers, our buyers and the eBay brand.


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Diversity, equity and inclusion are key drivers of our culture and critical to our business success.

eBay Impact

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